Life is SHORT

You! Yes, you! Why put off something you could do today for tomorrow? Tomorrow isn’t promised to any of us and time definitely doesn’t wait on anyone. Many of us go to bed upset at someone over something so silly. Or live with regrets over things we should have done differently. So many people have come and gone in my life so at this point I am trying to live my life in a positive light without holding any grudges.

With time, comes age, and with age comes maturity. You tend to realize what is important and what isn’t. So many live their life to impress others while they are living truly miserably inside. And you have those who put up the persona as if all is well when deep down inside they are battling depression, sadness or things they can’t even explain.

If you have dreams then please turn them into a reality. What are you waiting for? I mean seriously. Are you waiting for a special invitation? Or are you waiting for God to serve it to you on a silver platter? Somewhere in the bible, I have heard people said… *is thinking,* Umm, never mind because I do not want to start lying. But the point of the matter is you have to help yourself. If you want to receive a different result then you have to change your course of action.

So my question to you is are you ready to live your life for today? Or do you plan on just existing and waiting for a miracle?


– Lisa-

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