A Queen was born on 09/29

Well! Well! Well!

My born day has finally arrived. I have turned the BIG 31. Gosh, I am getting old. Oh well, I am aging quite gracefully if I must add so myself. Today, I enjoyed my day. I woke up to a surprise bouquet of magenta roses. Food for thought, any shade of pink tickles my fancy. Yes, I am obsessed. But who cares. I am a girly girl.

But enough about my rambling. I woke up and decided to not go to the funeral because it would put me in a terrible mindset all over again. As I previously discussed in my last post. I had company come over to keep me company for a little. And then I was forced to get out of bed but in a good way to go celebrate another year of life. So I got my tail out of bed and I took a nice shower, did my hair and did a nice natural beat to the face and put on my favorite color. My ride said they were downstairs and I sashayed my behind down the steps. But first you know I had to take a few pictures for social media.

So we ended up going to a local spot called 1Republik in North Arlington had an amazing vibe. The food was amazing. And my waitress was a real sweetheart. I completely forgot to get her name. Oh and the drinks!!!! Yum yum yum! I give them 5 stars

I had the calamari for starters. Calamari is one of my absolute favorites. These were nice and crispy.

Followed by the Fish and Chips which was crispy on the outside but moist on the inside.

For drinks I had 3 green tea shots and a Mimosa. I can not lie, those little shots definitely snuck up on me. But then again, I have a low tolerance for alcohol these days.

And here is a video clip of my 3rd and final green tea shot.

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