What Is Your Favorite Position?

So what is your favorite position?

Well, that depends on your preference. Doesn’t it? As for me, I have always had that “Boss Like” mentality. Besides, I always knew that I will be my own boss.

They say life is what you make of it. If you do not like your situation, then change it. If you see yourself in a better situation then make it happen! As I have previously discussed with you I am in the process of starting my new business with a projection date in 2019 and I am super excited about it because it is my dream and it is slowly coming true.

Do not get discouraged and listen to the devil because that is his job to distract and lead you astray. If you have a dream then you must protect that dream. If your favorite position is the same as mine then it’s time to start envision yourself as the BOSS you know you are. My favorite position is CEO because I am claiming it in Jesus name!

Btw, I have had my logo created, a business checking account is in full effect and I am working on my business website. However, I didn’t do my research the way I should have so I filed everything as a sole proprietorship. Now I am transitioning everything to an LLC instead. I recently received my new EIN number with my company name as an LLC so that is the first step!

Woohoo! Don’t worry! Once I get my company and logo trademarked I will be releasing the name. But until then, stay focused and motivated.

From your #futuregirlboss


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