Hey Girl Boss!

How are you all doing today? I made a promise to myself that in 2019 I will become more consistent on all platforms. Believe it or not, writing is one of my favorite past time because I get to express myself in multiple ways. Plus it is a stress reliever. Lately, I have been quite idle with my time and have decided that its time to start working towards my biggest goal this year and that is becoming my own boss.

Can I be honest with you? I have been so wrapped up in all of the wrong things that I have neglected my dreams, aspirations and self care. Hey that is life for you. It happens right? But I believe its when you decide to wake up and make a change is the most important factor. And yes its time. So let me update you all pretty quick. First of all, I changed over my company to an LLC on Christmas or the day after. At this point I can not remember. I ordered some samples which I have been testing out myself and I must say, the quality is amazing. And since I did finally release my name and logo on social media it only makes sense to tell you guys a little about my new venture. I will be selling luxury hair. Yes I know it may be a bit oversaturated. But is it really? Absolutely not! The hair business is a multi-billionaire industry. Why hair? Well believe it or not, our hair is our temple and it definitely is a contributing factor to us women feeling beautiful.

This is 2019 ladies. It is time we start implementing plans to get our lives together so we could start living our best lives.

Check the next post for more details about my new business venture.


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