Viva Doll Glam, LLC


So it’s safe to say I am a business owner!!! *screams* I said the same exact thing. I am so excited because I have been working so hard on this project and my vision is on its way to being launched.


Viva Doll Glam, LLC is a brand that will become a household name. I am aiming for the stars and even that isn’t enough. Although it’s not where I want it to be as yet it will be successful. As I mentioned in a previous post I have finally switched all of the paperwork from a sole proprietorship to an LLC.


Viva Doll Glam is aiming to be a company that will be selling luxurious hair at first. I have tried multiple hair vendors and this is the one I am obsessed with. As soon as I installed the unit and applied it I was transformed. My confidence was through the roof and no one couldn’t tell me a damn thing. I want you all to experience the Viva Doll Glam lifestyle.


Hair Details: Brazilian Body Wave 360 lace frontal 16 in and two bundles of 20 in Brazilian body wave. There is minimal shedding, hair can be died, straightened, curled and returns to natural texture once wet. Hair could also be worn in a high bun/ponytail.

You can find us on Instagram and Facebook at @vivadollglam


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