Life Is Short!

This is sad but true! I too had to remind myself of this recently. I was on the verge of giving up because it seems as if life and the whole world were against me. And when I say I was giving up, I meant as far as losing my faith and hope in the process. Someone dear to me reminded me last night that we all have to go through the struggles of life to reap the rewards. It may be hard to believe but there is always light at the end of the tunnel. Sometimes it may seem as if we are given way more than we could bare. But the truth of the matter is, it only makes us stronger.

Lately, I have been down and out, but an encounter with a patient who was being transferred from ICU to another hospital for brain surgery also aided in changing my perspective. This individual was so motivated and driven to move around on their own with minimal help although they needed it and here I am depressed over something that isn’t even life-threatening or that big of a deal compared to this individual. It was definitely a reality check. We all need that slap in the face to wake us up from time to time. So my thing is this…..if those who are helpless can fight for their lives and not give up, why should you and I start to give up because things just seem to not be going our way? Yes by the end of the day I became a little sad again. But then my brain started to restructure and think. Lisa, how can you find a solution to your problem? I had to stop, regroup and start over. It’s all about your mindset. What you believe is what you receive. I am the one who kept telling myself I am sad and depressed. Once I changed my thinking then I started to feel better.

I also forgot to mention that same person who I said is dear to me also said that I needed to reset my mind. I finally understand what that means and have definitely done that.

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P.S. I just felt as if someone needed to hear this today. Whatever you are going through, just stop, regroup and start looking for a solution instead of complaining about the problem.

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