I am missing the culture of my beautiful country BELIZE


Fun Fact: I was born in Belize, raised in New York City but currently living in Northern New Jersey.

I came to the United States at a very early age. I believe my mother said I was about 8 months old. I grew up in various parts of Brooklyn before moving to the Bronx. Some areas I lived in Brooklyn were Bedford Stuyvesant, East New York, Crown Heights, and East Flatbush. I went to elementary and middle school in Brooklyn before we moved to the Bronx in 2003 and that is where I resided up until 2009. I did end up starting High School in Harlem but finished in the Bronx. That is when I relocated to New Jersey. However, while I was living in New York, I would always be around Belizeans and had access to Belizean food. This is when I was the closest to my culture. Even when we moved to New Jersey, we would always spend time with my family over the holidays in New York so I was still able to enjoy all of the fine dishes from my country.


*Photo credit: Google

Lately, after having a discussion with a fellow Belizean that lives in New Jersey, it started to get me thinking. I really never got an opportunity to learn how to really make our native meals. And the more I thought about it the more I realized I haven’t had a real home cooked Belizean meal in years. So it is official. I am very homesick. I also haven’t been back home since 2003. I feel as if I have lost my culture. BUT I want to get it back. I want to reconnect with my people. I want to teach myself how to make all of our native dishes. That will be a challenge I am giving myself. Every week I want to attempt a new Belizean dish and I want to take you on a journey with me.


*photo credit: Google. This is something we are known for. The Great Blue Hole.

I have been craving a few dishes so I will attempt to make one today. I am still indecisive between Sere and Hudut which is fried fish with a coconut milk type of soup (Sere) and sashed green and sweet plantain (Hudut) or Boil Up which is boiled ground food, pigtail, red snapper topped with a coconut oil tomato paste sauce. However, I am more leaning towards Sere and Hudut. This particular dish is apart of a subculture we have in Belize called the Garifuna.

This is an example of what Sere looks like. The photo was taken from www.belizehub.com



BELOW: And this is what Boil Up looks like below. The photo was taken from www.tourismobserver.com


Update later on in the day!

Welp! my Belizean Sunday dinner didn’t happen but we shall try this again next week.

This is how I ended my night smh lol.


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