Feeling Myself!

Every now and then I get into these moods where I must try a new look. I do not know why but I tend to get bored and then BOOM here go Miss Flowers with a new hairstyle. I swear my coworkers are so tired of me lol but oh well. I am not your average chica. Nor do I try to be like the next person.

I love how my hair looks right now. I have gotten so many compliments thus far. I even went and got my eyebrows done as well because let’s face it… what’s the purpose of having your hair done and your eyebrows look like who done it? What the hell? And for what reason?

But wait, I didn’t stop there. If a woman is going to get her hair and brows done she must definitely have to get her nails done.

So this is what I started with.

And then I had the salon soak the tips and acrylic off of my real nails so my nails could all be the same length and shape.

Now, here it is the finished product. These are my actual nails without any tips. I had her cut them down, shaped them into the coffin shape a little and added acrylic to prevent them from breaking.

I feel like a million bucks and no one can tell me anything otherwise.

Self-care is important. Sometimes all we do is work, work, work with minimal time to ourselves. We all need a balance and some ME-time.

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