Guess Who Returned to Belize after 16 years! (Days 1-3)

As mentioned in a previous post, I have been missing my birthplace. I still can not believe it has been so damn long since I have returned. I have seriously been homesick. I didn’t realize until I was having a conversation with someone a couple months ago that it was definitely time to return. I remember telling my mother about my plans and we immediately put a plan into motion. We put in for the time off and patiently waited for June 1, 2019, to arrive. As I sat at the Newark airport, I started to become extremely nervous. Has my country changed? Will my family recognize me? Am I making the right decision? I had so many thoughts and questions flowing through my head. One thing was for certain at this point, in a couple hours I will be home!


I have so many pictures to document my return that it will require multiple posts to share with you.


I was so tired. At this point, I have been running on fumes because I have only had 3 hours of sleep in the past three days. I took a little nap on flight number one.


Due to a lot of confusion and staff delay, I almost missed my flight. Thankfully, the plane didn’t leave me. If I would have missed my connecting flight I would have spent the night at the airport because that was the last flight going to Belize for the day.


But I made it!!!!!!! I took another nap and woke up when the captain announced we were landing soon.


Can you see the excitement? Almost there!!


I figured I would freshen up a bit and do a light beat before landing. OK, I almost went full glam but who cares at this point? Haha.



We have landed safely. I was able to snag this picture when we landed. WELCOME TO BELIZE!!!!!!!! My luggage didn’t arrive with us. I was reassured that it will be on the first flight the next day.




We spent the day relaxing since mom and I were both exhausted. We did stop off a few places and grabbed something to eat. And just like that Day 1 was over.


Unfortunately, I didn’t snag much footage the first two days. Day 2 was spent with family up in Crooked Tree after going to church in Ladyville. The airport called while we were at church so we were able to FINALLY get my clothes.


This was the only picture I took on Day 2. I have a lot of videos while we were in Crooked Tree. I haven’t decided if I will be uploading those as yet.

By day 3, I got my life together and was back to capturing the moment. Mom, a cousin and I hit the city to get some things done.




We decided to grab some food that was across from the hospital.



This is our main hospital. It is called Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital. I should have taken a full view but at least you have an idea.



I have been craving for an HL’s burger for years. Believe it or not, it tastes exactly how I remembered it. In America, we have a variety of water but in Belize, this is our native water.




I also ran into an old friend at the bank. We both thought our eyes were deceiving us.



My mom ran into an old neighbor of hers on the street she grew up on.


20190603_1358425906816473654183878.jpg This is the house my mother grew up in. This is located on Cleghorn St.



Here is a view from the Bel-China bridge.



One of my obsessions!! I am in love with a good tamale. Anyone who knows me will say the same thing. I was on the hunt since I arrived and just couldn’t get any. I became so desperate that I put up a post on facebook. One of my aunts saw the post and had her daughter bring me some from BTL park. I went to thank her in person because I swear I died and went back to heaven!!!!

This concludes Day 3 of my trip.

You will have to wait until tomorrow to see how Day 4 went.


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