Guess Who Returned to Belize after 16 years! (Days 7-8)

I got to start my day with a beautiful breakfast at Radisson Fort George. I had fry jacks with scrambled eggs, fried fillet fish, fried beans, salsa, and a glass of orange juice.



We were somewhere out and about and I wanted some ice cream so we ended up here. Unfortunately, I didn’t snag the name of the place but I enjoyed my ice cream.



I also got the opportunity to try my first Belikin beer. I was underage the last time I was in Belize so this was a little treat.



I enjoyed Old Belize so much I returned for the last time.




This was my last night in my country. Some family stopped by to wish us well.



I went out for drinks the night before my flight. We went to Iron Horse. I attempted to order two different drinks on the menu but they were out of the ingredients at that time of night so I told the bartender to surprise me. She came up with this beautiful drink. Pink lemonade flavor at the top with pina colada at the bottom. It did have alcohol in it. I just do not know what.


My vacation was coming to an end and I dreaded it so much. I really did enjoy my trip back home. But it was time to return back to the hotel and attempt to get some rest.

The next day, was my final day in paradise. I didn’t take many pictures because our flight was extremely delayed due to inclement weather in Atlanta. Plus, my mother and I dealt with so much headache trying to get back it was truly ridiculous and because of that, I doubt I will be flying with Delta ever again. I also ended up spending the night at the airport which completely sucked but I eventually got home safe and sound.

Overall, I am definitely looking forward to returning to my birthplace and traveling more.


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